Monday, 29 August 2016

Woodland walk

Taking a break from all the holiday projects we're working our way through. We thought we would make the most of the sunshine and head to the woods for a walk but also show L were Reading Festival was as her brother was enjoying a weekend there. I would say it is so peaceful but actually at the moment you can clearly hear the music from the festival, so not your normal back to nature walk, once we got further into the woods you couldn't hear the music so much, that's not me complaining we rather enjoyed a different type sound track to our walk.

Part the way through the woods, it opens out into a large grassy area and from there you can see the festival ground very clearly and enjoy the music.

L wanted to know where her brother was, the response was somewhere down there but know idea where.

As we cross of the grassy area we come to what L describes as a cave and she starts to chatter about the bear hunt, going "stumble, trip, stumble trip" until we spot some blackberries, which we stopped to enjoy before carrying on with our walk.

There are some fantastic trees in these woods, some have been damaged the storms we have had over the years, others have obviously stood for a very long time.

Love the way theses woods, open out into large clear areas and then back again to narrow paths.

As we got to one end of the woods we discovered a plum tree with some lovely ripe plums, manged to pick a few which were absolutely gorgeous to say the least.

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