Sunday, 14 August 2016

Harry and the Dinosaurs

Catching up on some of what we have done over the last few weeks, we went away for holiday, had a lovely time and came back turned the computer on to load up all our photos and it dies! So we have had no computer for a couple of weeks and I prefer to use a keyboard to type on rather than a touch screen, so have been waiting for it to be repaired, so I can get on with my work as well as update my blog.

The children have been really interested in dinosaurs and they love the Harry stories, I am using Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs and Romp in the Swamp for inspiration. So here is my planning.

I froze some small dinosaurs in some water, some with added food colouring, some with not, then popped them out onto our tray and let them try and excavate them, using a pipette and warm water. Lots of talk about why water freezes and why ice melts, the difference in temperature, how their hands felt after they had handled the ice. They asked if I could freeze more dinosaurs so they could do it again tomorrow, think that means they really enjoyed the activity. I did as they asked and they enjoyed another morning of melting.

They love a game of hopscotch, especially as the older ones are beginning to recognise and try and write some of the numbers, which they love to write, see if you can spot their attempts. Love how pleased they are now they can write them without any help. They haven't got the idea yet of hopping on one square and then jumping with two feet one in each box yet but lot's of giggles as they try.

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