Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dino Hunt

First thing this morning we had a dinosaur hunt and then L and I did a dinosaur quizz together, more about that later. We then all emptied most of the sand out of our sand pit onto our tuff tray and created this dinosaur world.

I used a twinkl resource for our dinosaur quizz, L really loves this sort of which one or who am I puzzles, we have a logic puzzle book and these are most definitely her favourite type of quizz at the moment.

We then, as requested by the children the other evening had our dinosaur hunt, they wanted it to be the same as the one I did for l's birthday so they wanted some cards to find as well, that they could match up the toy dinosaurs too. I found the pictures here  on the Every Star is Different blog, there are lots of dinosaur ideas an more printables, especially for the older child.

I pegged the cards in various locations around the garden and then set about hiding the toy dinosaurs.

Hidden in various bushes,

eating my plants,

climbing trees,

thinking about sliding down slides,

bouncing on the trampoline,

Or at least that was were they were the first time, as per normal this sort of hide and seek game goes down well and it is usually repeated more than once, then L decided to hide them for me to try and find.

We spent this afternoon reading lots of stories as well as playing with the dinosaurs.

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