Tuesday, 26 January 2016

January Activities

Over the Christmas holidays I sorted out the craft cupboard and found a pack of coloured paper and few other bits that I had forgotten I had. I thought the little ones would love it, especially as they are into cutting and sticking, I was right. They have got very good at using the scissors and love to try and cut out different shapes from a plain piece of paper.

They spent ages making pictures of their houses.

We've made the most of the sunny days and enjoyed time in the garden, mainly playing the sandpit and using chalks to draw pictures on the walls. We have also enjoyed some lovely sunny walks, they love looking at their shadows, how they change in size and move depending on where they are standing. They loved the fact that at one point their shadows looked as if they were walking along the wall. The frost and ice has fascinated them and they have taken time to collect some frost and then watch it melt on their hands, seeing how slippery the ice was.

The rubbing plates have been a big hit too, they have produced loads of different pictures.

L had a new board game for Christmas, we have the travel version that the older children enjoyed but the larger version is lovely and we have played it lots with the younger children. Though L would prefer to complete the picture of the crow and was getting upset to start with when she wasn't getting the crow picture on the dice but once I said she could finish the puzzle when we finished the game she was happy.

Lots more painting.

These are just some of the things that we have done as well as enjoying lots of singing, reading, cooking and playing with friends

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Crafting and Organising

M and I were busy writing thank you cards, with L happily drawing pictures, L asked me what were were doing and then which was her name, her response was "I can write that" which she did. This is her first attempt at trying any form of "proper" writing. She then spent time alternating between writing more letters and jumping around the lounge with a big smile on her face shouting "I can write!" Feeling rather proud of her and the effort she put into this.

Now rather delayed but I have finally finished the coat I was making for L, this was something that was going to push the skills I already had and wasn't a quick and easy project, delayed by me changing my mind. I fell in love with shape of this McCall's pattern but with some alterations. I liked the shape of the coat shown below but with out the fur trimmed cuffed, so lengthened the sleeves and did away the frill. The original pattern isn't lined, now I had originally planned to pad the coat with wadding but then thought it wouldn't hang right. So decided on lining with fleece, took a while to find the right colour and order. I then cut everything out, had a moments panic that it wouldn't work so packed it away for a couple of weeks, then started again but pottered at it.  I had originally cut the fleece lining identical to the outer but then decided it would add to much bulk to the skirt with the large amount of pleating, so re-cut the fleece skirt to fit the outer skirt once it had all the pleats put in. L is really pleased with and loves the way the skirt swirls when she twirls around.

M7013, Children's/Girls' Coats and Belt

Now have a couple of new projects on the go, I only originally popped into our local craft shop to pick up a couple of balls of wool for a new baby cardigan for friend. Ended up buying wool and new patterns, this cardi for the baby, I love cardigans that do up with one button and then found this gorgeous gorgeous pattern for L. Love the squirrel hoodie but starting with rabbit cardigan. I'm using Sirdar Snuggly yarn as L as very sensitive skin. So far have done the back and started the front it is long time since I've knitted a picture but I am enjoying it.

Now those that know me know that when it comes to craft and books I am a bit of hoarder and housework isn't top of my list of things to do. When I was pregnant with L I had big sort and a rearrange, spurred on between reading Simplicity Parenting and doing a short Montessori course. I loved the simplicity and uncluttered look, so it is something I am slowly working towards, ok very slowly towards. Before the summer holidays I read Life Changing Magic of Tidying and after googling some images of drawers of folded clothes decided this was something I was going to try and wow, why has it taken me this long to learn about this? These are some of our drawers several months later and we are still folding, yes it takes a bit longer to put the clothes away but it is so easy to find everything you need. Even my youngest can find what she wants and doesn't want and can pull her clothes out without disturbing the other folded clothes unlike when she had to rummage through pile of clothes in the drawer. L and M both love to help fold their washing and put it away too. In the long run this has saved me so much time and have shared with a few friends, some who are now converted to folding, even if our husbands think we are loosing the plot.

 Today M came back from dance with the results of her street dance exams, she passed with honours, this is the first dance exam she has done where she has had to choreograph her own routine, so very proud of her. Also realised when I was filling out the nursery education funding forms for the minded children that if I had followed the norm L would be in her second term of nursery school, instead we are starting her journey of home education.

Joining with Frontier Dreams

China and Chinese New Year

Some of my children are getting really interested in different countries, spending time looking at the map and/or globe to see where they have been on holiday or places mentioned in stories etc. They have always enjoyed looking at the dragon dances for Chinese new year, so this year thought we would look a bit at China as well as the Chinese new year celebrations. So these are some of the ideas I have had and I will see where it takes us.

I have found a couple of dragon and lion dances on you tube that I think they might enjoy Dragon Dance and Lion Dance.

This is the Dragon Race Song I found here to go with The Great Race

While hunting for some clips for the younger children to watch came across this 10 lessons of Confuscius thought it would be something great to sit and watch with M and discuss. Also maybe something on the Great Wall of China.

Chinese New Year Song | Free Early Years & Primary Teaching Resources (EYFS & KS1):