Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Runaway Bunny

Have been thinking of another theme and thought we would do something a bit different instead of having lots of stories we would have one and base lots of activities around it. The Runaway Bunny is one of our favourite stories at the moment. I have been reading it to them at least once a day, will add this is not the only book we have read or plan to read, just the one to base activities around.

We spent this morning reading The Runaway Bunny and then we sat and drew some pictures of the bunny.

This is L's picture of mummy and baby bunny and a chair for them to sit in.


We then went through the sequencing cards to sort out the order of the story, we would then use these pictures to draw a story map.

L then sat about drawing the different pictures to illustrate what the bunny said he would do at different stages of the story.

L loves to use this sort of story map to retell the story as well as of course using the book, sometimes she will then add her own bits to the story, or take the map and join her friends and use it for the bases of some great imaginative play.

They have then cut of the tops of some carrots and we have place them on the window sill, will keep them watered and hope they grow.

We haven't used these printables but thought they looked good so would share them with you all.


Over the last few weeks we have been watching our caterpillars grow, make a pupa and then become butterflies and releasing them in our garden. We have spent time looking at a variety of books on butterflies and their life cycle and spent time finding caterpillars in the garden. We watched this lovely you tube video which shows a caterpillar pupating and then becoming a butterfly.

Love this picture you can see so clearly the butterfly's proboscis

We used mirrors to look at reflection and symmetry, using some of our maths shapes and buttons to make pictures and then to see them reflected in the mirrors. I talked about how both sides of the butterfly's wings are the same and they enjoyed some painting and printing.

I found some free printables here at  The Butterfly Site lots of lovely butterflies and some life cycle pictures.