Saturday, 27 August 2016

Skittle Fun

I have seen various posts on facebook using skittles to make pretty patterns on a plate with water. They looked great but wasn't sure we would get such a good result, I was very wrong, L and I ended up going and buying another packet to do it again, it worked so well and she thoroughly enjoyed making various patterns.

We started of by putting them in a circle and the colour very quickly appears,

L decided it needed a skittle in the middle.

She then enjoyed mixing the colours together, she loved the way they swirled and mixed, making a brown in the end.

We washed the plate of and she started again, this time making a face

 and then various other patterns, she spent time forming the skittles into various numbers. This is something she chose to do as she is very interested in numbers at the moment and very pleased with herself now that she can write some of them without help.

Then I had a go and L decided it looked a bit like a tree.

So a great fun activity, a time to explore patterns, colours, how colours mix and new colours form, numbers and counting.

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