Monday, 13 July 2015

We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Last night I put together a going on a bear hunt scene for the children to play with today. I used one of the houses we made last week for their home. We've read this story loads, so the children are very familiar with it and love to join in with story.

Through the swish, swashy grass, then splash, splosh through the river.

Squelch, squerch through the mud and stumble trip through the wood.

Through the snow storm hoo woo.

Tip toe into to the cave.

Loved the bit when they reached the bears cave, they greeted the bear very politely before running home.

At one point they gave each of their baby dolls a tree each and started to share out the glass pebbles.

Later on you could hear my children going squelch, swishy, splash as they ran around the garden at times acting out as if they were really struggling through some deep mud.

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