Friday, 17 July 2015

Obstacle Course

Having read Going On A Bear Hunt lots of times and will probably carry on reading it lots, as it's a firm favourite here. Anyway today I wanted the children to think about going over, under and through things etc so I set up a mini obstacle course and teddy showed them what to do first. A great way to explore different ways to move, balance and to understand instructions.

So first teddy went through the tunnel,

then under the tables,

round the cones.

Climbing up, sitting on and then climbing down.

Going in something.

Balancing along a rope.

Stepping over some boxes, trying to keep our balance as we did it.


A great hit with my littleones, we then spent time listening as I gave out different instructions e.g. to go in something, I had one in a box, one in a car, one in a tunnel, which was brilliant because it meant they all understood what being in something meant and didn't all head back to the box, that we had used for the first part of the game. Love hearing all the giggles as they tried to go through and under things etc.

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