Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Goldilocks and The Three Bears Part 2

This morning we read lots of Lynley Dodd books the children love Hairy Mclary and Slinky Malinki, then we read Goldilocks and the Three Bears again. I had found our some cardboard boxes and asked if the children wanted to make houses out of them, the answer was a resounding yes! So I cut out some doors and windows.

I think we could of left them unpainted as they were enjoying themselves so much

but decided they would enjoy painting them too, which they did, choosing lots of different colours.

So while we waited for them to dry we took a trip to the allotment to pick some fruit for pudding, came back home with raspberries, loganberries, strawberries, one outdoor cucumber and some broccoli. So that was fruit for pudding, cucumber to go with lunch and broccoli to go with dinner.

They also spotted this caterpillar hiding under a raspberry leaf.

 After lunch, I set out the coloured oats, 3 bowls, spoons and the cooker set, to play with, we talked about the different sizes, which was the smallest, biggest, matching the big spoon to the big bowl. We also talked about how heavy the saucepan was after they filled it up with oats, was it as heavy as the bowl full of oats, which is the heavies, lightest etc. They had lots of fun, added some of the play food and cooked up an interesting dinner.

The rain eventually sent us indoors and the children spotted their houses and asked if they were dry, which they were They have been playing with them on and of all throughout the afternoon, they also went and found the Goldilocks story box and used all the bits with the houses. The Goldilocks story box has been a huge hit with the children.

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