Monday, 6 July 2015

Bears Theme

This our theme for the next couple of weeks and some of my planning ideas, I have 100's more going round my head at the moment, ok maybe 100 is slight exaggeration! As I blog about each activity I will put the links at the bottom for each post so in theory it will all tie up together and I can find everything if in the future I decide to do a bear theme again.

Some of the stories we will be reading.

The children enjoyed the story and activities to go with Goldilocks and The Three Bears, some more activities here.

Our teddy bears picnic.

Were Going On A Bear Hunt - tuff spot play scene
                                       map making and using map activity
                                             Bear hunt obstacle course
                                       Bear paw print biscuits and recipe
                                                 Bear hunt story box
Our tuff spot scene to explore where different bears might live can be found here.
Our activities for Jesse Bear What Will You Wear, can be found here

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