Tuesday, 14 July 2015

We Went On A Bear Hunt

We have been working on some more activities for the story We're Going On A Bear Hunt. As I had rather few extra ideas going round my head, I thought I would put them all down, so I've created a planning sheet for just this book, which you will find at the bottom of this post.
So we read through the story together with the children joining in all the bits they could remember. I then used these sequencing cards, to go through the order of the story with the children, asking them what happened first, afterwards, next etc.

Once we had sequenced the story cards, we used them as a reminder as they put together their maps.

We then made some binoculars out of some cardboard inner rolls, they used felt tip pens to decorate them

They wanted a photo taken through their binoculars, so here it is, they loved it.

So we were now prepared to go on our bear hunt.

Through the grass, could of used the lawn but it's rather dry and short so not the effect I wanted.

Tiptoeing through the river, they noticed that it made a very good mirror, they could see their reflection very clearly, so I've blurred the image, just in case you're wondering what the grey bit is!

Through the mud, some jelly, they did try it with their feet but didn't like the feel of it. I was undecided whether or not to dye the jelly brown or not, so did only a bit of it.

Through the wood.

Then through a snowstorm, all those nets I've been keeping came in very handy.

Then of to find the bear in the bear cave.

Then running home when they found the bear, with lots of giggles.

They have been playing in the bear cave and taken their baby dolls to visit the bear and lots of tiptoeing through everything.

I didn't use these with mine but did come across these lovely colouring in pages to go with We're Going On A Bear Hunt.

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