Tuesday, 22 April 2014


This embroidery is a work in progress, I started it not long after L was born and have been doing a little bit in between other craft projects and studying but now I'm determined to finish it before she's 2!

M has nearly finished the bodice of L's dress, she did complain that dress making was a lot harder than she thought and I make it look to easy! Not sure if I do but in her eyes I do, mind you she has had to learn to read the instructions on a paper pattern which is not always an easy thing.

I have nearly finished this playsuit for L, I fell in love with the fabric but hubby says the print and outfit make her look like a clown! I will reserve judgement and wait until I've finished sewing the button holes and buttons and then see what she looks like in. Hopefully a pretty outfit that will keep her cool if we have some hot weather.

In the garden our new raspberry canes are looking very healthy, we planted 10 new canes, we love fresh raspberries so hoping these will do well. Unfortunately the ones we planted up the allotment, several years ago didn't do well at all, not sure if it's because we made the mistake of planting them in the same place the previous allotment tenant had his or just not healthy canes, who knows. All our seedlings are coming along nicely, won't be long before we have a momouth session of planting out.

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