Saturday, 5 April 2014

Window Decorations

As you have probably gathered I love working with kite paper and making various window decorations. I thought I would make something different from the traditional window stars that I had been making, so I tried making butterflies and tulips for Spring.

To make these window decorations, you will need some kite paper and glue, you can use tissue paper but I prefer the kite paper.  I used purple, pink and green for my butterfly, cut each sheet of kite paper into 4 squares.

Fold 2 pink and 2 purple in half, as shown in the photo below to form a centre crease.

 Fold in the outer points to the crease line and stick with a small dab of glue.

Then fold a small triangle down from the top and glue. Fold the bottom left tip and glue and then the bottom right tip and glue, it should hopefully look like the picture below. Repeat this to make the 4 wing parts of the butterfly.

For the body repeat the above steps but miss out folding down the top tip, so it should look like the photo below.

Then fold the outside edges into the middle again and glue in place.

Assemble the wings and glue the points together.

Then glue the body to the middle of the butterfly.

The tulip was made in very much the same way as the butterfly, take 3 squares of paper. Fold them in half to create a middle crease and then fold the outside points into the middle and glue, then fold the bottom points in and glue, repeat for each of the 3 pieces and it should look like the photo below.

Glue the petals together.

Repeat the process in green paper for the leaves.

Then fold the other ends into the middle crease and glue.


Then make a stalk, the same way as you made the butterflies body.

Glue together.

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