Monday, 14 April 2014

Ice Decorations

This is something we did last week, the children loved decorating the tree and watching the sun catch the coloured ice. This something I would normally do in winter, especially if we had snow, as the coloured ice against the white snow is truly beautiful but I thought why not try it in the Spring. The day was sunny but not too hot, didn't want the ice melting too quickly! We had been looking at blossom and how pretty the trees looked so I thought this would be a good time to decorate the tree and watch the coloured ice slowly melt.

I had frozen various heart and flower shapes, my soap moulds etc came in very useful, I had put a length of string into each mould so the children could tie their piece onto the tree.

The children enjoyed decorating the tree and then watching them drip as they started to melt. Seeing how the ones in the direct sun melted quicker than the ones in the shade of the tree.

I had one littleone that loved to go back to the ice decorations and feel the ice and then say "cold" and giggle and smile at everyone.

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