Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Farm Trip

We are really enjoying the lovely weather, even more so as hubby has this week of work. We had hoped to have a couple of day trips but you can never really plan the weather.

Our trip on Monday was to Bucklebury Farm. We made the most of the sunshine and explored the nature trails, spotted a couple of pheasants. My children love to spend time watching animals, doesn't matter what, they just love animals.

We decided to take the tractor ride round the deer enclosures, so they could see them up close

As we leaving the tractor ride area, the driver asked why L didn't want to feed the deer, apparently she was the only one that hadn't, explained about her allergies and was unsure what was in the feed. Apparently he had never been asked about the feed but was of to read the labels so he would have the answers if he was ever asked.

M was very happy that she was able to feed a lamb, luckily L was more than happy to held and watch the feeding.

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