Monday, 25 April 2016

Tower of Pisa

On Friday L and I spent time looking at the Tower of Pisa in this book 13 Buildings Children Should Know and found a couple of you tube clips to watch. She was fascinated by this one, which is people walking up all the stairs and then seeing the amazing view from the top but it gave her an idea of how high it was. I then suggested she try and draw the tower, which she thought was a great idea.

We then headed out to the sand pit to have a go at some tower building, first things first, needed to add a lot of water and mix well as the sand was very dry.

Once the sand was the right consistency for sandcastles, L set about filling her bucket to make the first part of out tower.

We talked about how difficult it would be to build a tower that leaned and why and that if we used containers that got smaller and smaller like the stacking cups do it might be easier, we did have some collapsed towers which she found amusing, especially when they buried her toes!

We did mange to build a couple of successful towers,

Then L had fun squashing them all back down and starting again.

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