Monday, 11 April 2016

Ladybirds, Allotment and Crafts

The joy of finding the first ladybird of the year, we spent ages watching it crawl around the grass

and then up an arm, they were fascinated.

Then at the weekend we discovered lots of ladybirds up the allotment.

We have also made the most of the sunshine when it has appeared and weeded a large amount of the allotment and attempted some creative planting, it is supposed to look like the tub has tipped over and the plants are now growing where they have fallen. L wasn't too impressed as the plants weren't in the pot and they are supposed to be in the pot!

I couldn't resist this small embroidery, thoroughly enjoyed making it as the words mean so much to me on so many different levels, now just need to decide where it is going to go!

Have also had the joy of being able to knit new baby gifts for a family member and a friend, it's great to be able to make something that knits up so quickly, now onto a bigger project, a jumper for M. The tank top is this Sirdar pattern and have now bought enough wool to make the jumper as a birthday gift for another little boy.

This cardigan is another Sirdar pattern, now discontinued but the pattern number is 1816.

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