Monday, 11 April 2016


After seeing the enjoyment and interest the children had when we looked at China, I had thought of looking at another country. They had shown some interest in France and Egypt, so had thought we would head there but then the other day we were looking through Maps book and Italy caught their attention, especially the pictures of the Venice carnival, so that is where we are going.

Today we have read about the Venice and the carnival and watched some clips about the carnival on you tube here and here and then they enjoyed making lots of masks and dressing up.

Some they decorated with feathers

and others not.

Later on they asked for some more masks as they wanted to colour in some more.

Some useful sites etc :-
I found an interesting selection of nursery rhymes and songs from Italy here
Vivaldi's Four Seasons for us to listen too
Opera an audio about opera more for M than the little ones
Famous Landmarks of Italy worksheet
Other thoughts for older children would be to look at the explorer Marco Polo and ancient Rome, myths and legends.

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