Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Papa Piccolo

The children and I are thoroughly enjoying Papa Piccolo, the illustrations are lovely, there's lots to talk and think about, we have read the story several times. I put together a story basket for the children, L saw it this morning and said "Wow, Mummy you've made a gondola" sigh of relief from me that she recognised it, as my husband wan't so impressed last night with creative abilities!

 So this morning we reread the story again, played with the story basket, then we headed out to the garden to do some painting, we have had some new furniture for the girl's bedroom and I thought we could use the boxes to make their own play mat for Papa Piccolo, Marco and Polo to explore.

They painted a river, green sunflowers and a shop that sells shoes all in their shoe boxes .

Papa Piccolo and kittens spent time in the Gondola

as well as exploring the flowers and shops, 

they were then all very tired so they had a rest in the sun.

 Last week I made a large gondola for them to paint and play in, when I asked them where they were going one answered "We are going to Thailand to lie on the warm sunny beaches" another was of to the carnival.

On a slightly different theme but making the most of the cardboard boxes, I had originally thought we could build a house with the rest in the garden but it is rather too windy today. Then thinking of one little one who loves to throw balls etc,thought why not cut one up to make a cardboard target for them. Decided on different shape holes and then to paint different colours around the edge, to make it a bit more fun for those learning their shapes and or colours.

There were so many giggles as they missed the target completely and the bean bags landed on the slide and slid down it, then the excitement of actually getting the bean bags through a shape.

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