Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Mirror Painting

While looking for ideas to do with our night time theme, I came across painting on mirrors and now wondering why it has taken over 25 years years in childcare to discover this fun activity! I bought some A4 mirrors from ImagiDo as I know I will use them for other activities throughout the year. The children ended up spending the morning enthralled by it, first using the mirror as a mirror, giggling at their reflections, what they could see behind them etc before deciding to try the paint.

I put out a mixture of normal paint and some glitter paint, as they started to paint they talked about how they could still see their reflection and then they would paint over their reflection, giggling saying "now I can't" and repeating this till the whole mirror was covered in paint.

They then discovered by dragging the paint brush through the paint and /or twisting it around they could produce different patterns.

Washing up produced more interest as they realised the water made different patterns as the paint was washed away and that they could see their reflection again.

It was then back to the table to start painting again, they repeated this several times.

They attempted hand prints on the mirror

which left behind an interesting pattern.

They also enjoyed writing and drawing patterns on the mirrors.

I can see this will be an activity that will be asked for again and again, also thinking how ell this would work for fire/firework patterns, will have to remember this for next year when we do fireworks. Also be good to see if the children could paint their reflection in the mirror.

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