Monday, 23 November 2015

First Christmas Decoration

M has beaten me to it and made the first Christmas decoration of the year, I had seen several really cute felt reindeer, I showed M and she was really keen to make one. So I drew out a rough reindeer shape, then let her get on with the cutting out and sewing, though she did get me to embroider the eye. We found the cute button on a trip to Hobbycraft, luckily they came in a pack as L is asking M to make one for her too.

My first decoration is still a work in progress and we have a few more felt creations planned but I am trying to finish knitting various Christmas presents before I start on something else. 

I have finished one snood, fingerless mittens and some wrist warmers

and have just started knitting some cream wrist warmers for my Aunt. Also need to knit the sleeves for a jumper, then I can finish that off. I always do have a tendency to have more than one craft project on the go at the same time, then I can pick and choose what to do depending on how I feel and/or how much time I have to get everything out etc

Then when I have finished the above, I thought I could knit a couple of Christmas decorations and then start on the felt ones but as I was going through my patterns L found the knitting patterns for Maggie Rabbit and is after the dress for her rabbit and reindeer toy. So will do those first but as it's lots of knitting might have to do a bit of sewing too.

I have finally decided on what our activity advent calender will be this year and have assembled all the pieces, now just need to cut it all out and put it together. Already have the list of crafts and activities sorted.

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