Thursday, 6 August 2015

More Brown Bear Activities

Today we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? the children are really remembering the story and are joining in regularly as I read to them. We then made our own colour book based on the colours in the story, I used some stencils I already had but had to make some up for the frog, bear and duck. I read the page out from the book as we painted each animal.

When they were dry I wrote out each animal plus their colour and stapled the book together.

When the books were finished the little ones enjoyed sitting and reading their stories, making up various events as they went. Later on I used their books for a movement activity, as we read each page I asked the children how they thought that animal would move, to say there was lots of giggles was an understatement as they tried to decide how to move. There was some debate as to whether a dog and cat moved in the same way as not. They then decided to go through the book again this time adding the animal noise as they moved like the animal.

A favourite activity with my little ones is playing with my pots of coloured buttons, sometimes, making patterns, other times using our coloured bowls to sort colours. Today they did some colour sorting and counting.

The Brown Bear story has been a big hit with the children. This morning, I had one little one, sitting with the book, turning each page and telling the story from memory. Last night when I put my own littlest to bed, I was asked to make a brown bear song instead of our normal bedtime song. it went something like this.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear 
What do you see
I see Mummy Bear
putting on L's music

Mummy Bear Mummy Bear
What do you see
I see Little L
all ready for Bed

Little L little L
what do you see
I see my cot waiting for me

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