Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Clouds, Windmills and Rainbows

The plan for the next few days is to create some different cloud pictures, make windmills and to finish with rainbow pictures but as they say plans can be changed.

The plan for today art activity was to create clouds for a storm picture, decided to do this with the children blending white and black paint and watching the grey emerge. They each had some blue paper and I put dollop of white and black paint on the paper, only a little black as ours seem to go a long way!

Then let them paint and to see if they noticed the colour change.

Which they did.

We then left our storm clouds to dry

and then added some stormy foam stickers to finish them of, while singing I Here Thunder.

Then we used some puffy paint to make some lovely fluffy white clouds.

We had a lovely dry and sunny, so we made windmills for the garden.

Lastly I set up our rainbow arch, with the plan of using crayons and/or paint to make rainbow pictures. This changed rapidly as the postman arrived with our new crayons and pencils I had ordered.

So we now have a new set of Lyra chunky pencils as our old ones have been well used, I also decided to try some Crayon Rocks. They had a lovely time exploring the different colours and different grips to hold the crayons, they asked for our crayon blocks too. They spent time trying out the rocks and blocks. I have one child who loves to use the rocks, one that prefers the blocks and one who likes both, so everyone is happy.

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