Friday, 26 June 2015

Wet Felting Starfish

The children have thoroughly enjoyed this mornings activity, they really appreciated the different textures, the softness of the wool, the roughness of the netting, how the bubble wrap felt etc. Then the fun of all the foamy bubbles they made, followed by rolling and squashing the bubble wrap.

First we looked at some pictures of starfish and counted how many legs they had, then they choose the colours they wanted to use. We used a mixture of blues for the background, they loved pulling the wool apart and laying it down.

When we had created our picture we covered it with some netting

and poured some hot water mixed with lots of washing up liquid on them, obviously only as hot as is safe for the children to touch.

Then lots of rubbing to mat all the fibres together.

When we had rubbed enough and the fibres were nicely matted together, we rolled our pictures up and spent time rolling and squishing them.

Rinse in cold water and leave to dry.

Children then decided to have their snack in our tent.

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