Wednesday, 24 June 2015

5 Little Fish

 Last night you would of found me gluing together some colourful lolly pop sticks into fish shapes and cutting up some kite paper into backing sheets and smaller pieces for the children to stick with. Kite paper is a waxy paper and I tend to use it in place of tissue paper, as it holds glue better, doesn't become a soggy, gluey mess, doesn't rip as easily etc and therefore easier for little people to use. We also sang some little fish counting songs, words are at the bottom after the photos of our fish.

Two variations of five little fish rhymes, we really enjoy the first one as all the little fish coming home, you repeat each verse until you have no fish coming back and of course we also sang 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive.

5 Little Fish
5 little fish went swimming one day
Over the sea and far away
Mummy fish called "comeback, come back"
Only 4 little fish came swimming back

No little fish came swimming back
Then a big whale went swimming past
and five little fish came swimming back


5 little fish
Swimming out to sea
Teasing Mr Shark
"You can't catch me"
Along came Mr Shark
As quiet as can be

4 little fish etc

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