Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Under The Sea

Our theme for the coming couple of weeks is under the sea, for detailed EYFS planning please do scroll to the bottom of the page.

We have read and enjoyed the story Secret Seahorse more than once today. we then painted a sea picture with different shades of blue, then coloured in various sea creatures from the story and then covered them with seaweed (crepe paper) so we had our own secret sea pictures.

We spent some time later finding lots of things that are blue and realising between all of us we were all wearing blue cardigans of various shades.

I've put together all the sea creatures from the story Secret Seahorse and added some other pros, found a boat from the water tray to be used as our ship wreck. I love putting together story boxes, as the children get so much joy from retelling and making up their own stories with all the props. Added some activity and matching cards for later.

These cards are from from Twinkl and go very well with the Secret seahorse story.

These activity cards are from Toddler Approved and they are brilliant, I've used them more than once over the last couple of years and they always go down well.

You can find more of our under the sea ideas here and an undersea adventure that I we had fun doing a couple of years ago and will do again with the children.

Maths ideas, ordering, comparing and counting and some lovely pictures using stencils here

We loved exploring bubble wrap and printing with it to create some lovely under the sea pictures

I used lolly pop sticks to make a fish outline and then kite paper to decorate some fish to go on our patio door.

Wet felting starfish children really appreciated the whole process of wet felting.

We had a giggle when I attempted to make a jelly fish in a bottle and paper plate seahorses.

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