Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Under the Sea Part 2

We've made the most of the lovely weather we've had here today and moved our under sea exploring out to the garden. We put together our sea creatures, treasure chest and diver, with some glass pebbles and water beads. I had also bought these plastic shells which are absolutely brilliant or in the words of my 2 year old " they're fantastic" they look very live like and it's nice that the littleones can play with them and no worries about them braking and sharp pieces etc

They spent time talking about the different animals between themselves and pretending the animals were eating the water beads.

They then decided to turn the boats over and fill them up with water beads and pebbles, empty them out and repeat again, several times. They tried to count all the beads and how many shells there were.

We also enjoyed Eric Carle's A House for Hermit Crab and made some crab pictures with handprints and finger painting, which worked out very well, the children really enjoy exploring the paint with their hands. We also watched these two clips showing how a hermit crabs moves to a new shell, the second clip also shows how the crab moves the sea anemones across as well.

Tomorrow if the weather is nice we will be going diving in the garden to see what sea creatures we can find. I did this activity a couple of years ago and all the children loved it, I had to keep hiding the pictures again and again, so they could keep pretending to swim and find them all.

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