Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Stencils and Counting

Having had a busy morning doing lots of jigsaw puzzles, followed by playing with the water tray in the garden, where the children decided they baking cakes. We spent this afternoon counting, ordering by size and comparing the size of different fish. I had printed of these fish size ordering for the children to use, as well as using our sea creatures. I loved the way the children on their own decided to compare the paper fish to the size of their plastic sea creatures.

We then went on to do some printing with bubble wrap, the children were enjoying painting so much, that I thought I would get out my stencils. We had brought some of the avenue mandarine  stencils before and the children really loved using them, so I couldn't resist buying some more to go with our theme. I wasn't disappointed the children really enjoy painting with stencils, lifting them up to see what they have created.


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