Sunday, 2 April 2017

Colour Theory and Gardening

We have been enjoying the warmer, dryer weather and getting outside lots, seedlings are doing well and today we have planted loads of french bean seeds and a mixture of flower seeds, some more sweetpeas, then morning glory, nemesia, snap dragons and nicotina.

 Have been thinking lots about the different conversations we have while gardening and the amount the children learn from them, as well as it being an enjoyable relaxing activity. There is so much science that just occurs without any effort, we cover a variety of life cycles of plants and insects, how seeds develop, parts of a plant, the jobs they do, pollination, how they interact, how earth worms, bees, slow worms and frogs are good for the garden. Nutrition, the impact of farming on the environment, soil erosion, composting. The time spent observing the plants developing, the various wildlife, listening to the birds and crickets and learning to be still and watch. Observing the weather, the change in the sky, seasons and what it means. As well as the health benefits from the exercise while gardening, the positive mental benefits, co-ordination - small motor skills while planting seeds, planting on seeds, gross motor from using tools. I'm sure there is loads more but that is what has come to mind now.

In September 2014 we acquired an additional bit to our allotment, which was fairly over grown and four compost bins made out of old pallets, the bins were full of rotted carpets, weeds and rubbish, it was a lot of work clearing it and then trying to decide what to do with it all.

We decided that we could go for mainly fruit, we have some very dwarf fruit trees apple, pear, cherry, then blueberry bushes, jostaberry, red and white currant bushes and a thornless blackberry. We added in a couple of lavender bushes, some wallflowers and lupins along the front edge, to help attract bees and other helpful insects, so two and a half years later it now looks like this, we've spent the last week weeding and mulching it all and if a may so myself it is looking very good.

Strawberry's are doing well and their new bed is nearly ready for them, front tubs are sweetcorn, planted last week, so a little bit early to see any signs yet.

Cucumbers are potted on and are doing well.

Broccoli and brussel sprouts are doing very well, we've planted some more broccoli seeds today.

On a school childminding front we have been looking at the colour wheel, primary colours, secondary colours, complementary, warm and cool colours and then creating a day and night picture using cool colours for night and warm for day, will hopefully finish them of this week but we have all enjoyed creating these.

M has been attending an anime drawing course, the teacher is wonderful, very enthusiastic, this week they were looking at movement. Over the weeks, they have created a character and a short story piece for their character. Now they are spending time getting to know their character, facial expressions, movements etc.


  1. Look at your gorgeous allotment! And all your seedlings are coming along so well. I love that quote from Gertrude Jekyll - one of my favourites. The colour pictures are all so wonderful - you really are an inspiration in all the ideas you come up with. Happy gardening!

  2. The rest of my allotment is looking a bit bare but love the fruit patch this time of year. Thank you they have loved doing the colour pictures, have some more ideas to go with this but think they will wait till after Easter.