Sunday, 26 March 2017

Mothering Sunday

We spent Sunday morning at the allotment, the weather was lovely, if a bit windy, managed to weed the gooseberry patch, raspberry beds and add a new layer of mulch to them. We have partly weeded round the fruit trees and added some mulch to that area too, will finish of the rest another day. L loves to rake, so she happily raked the mulch all over the beds for us, then enjoyed transporting a small amount balanced on her rake to different patches around the fruit trees. She wanted to know why we were doing this, so explained that adding a layer of mulch kept the weeds down, so we didn't have to spend so long weeding, it helps the soil keep moist when the weather gets hot but also protects the plants in the cold, also as it breaks down it feeds the soil so the soil stays healthy and therefore the plants healthy as well. I'm sure there are more reasons but thought this was enough for her to think about for now. She was fascinated with this and was busy chatting away to herself and telling the plants why she was putting the mulch around them.

I disturbed an ants nest and we spent some time watching them,  L sat their and said to them " I am sorry ants Mummy didn't know you had a home there, I am sure you can find somewhere safer to build your home, the vegetable patch isn't the best place" when we came home I found out some more information to show the ants eggs, their tunnels etc.

Started the unicorn embroidery last night and really enjoying it, makes a change from all the cross stitch I have done recently. This is present for a friend's daughter, the kit came from Hawthorn Handmade, the fabric is lovely and it came beautifully boxed too all wrapped in pink tissue, which means when I come to wrap it all up I already have all the materials I need to wrap it beautifully. Happy days.

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  1. That is going to be a lovely present for your friends daughter. My daughters would love to do that themselves, especially my eldest as she is good with embroidery/cross stitch. And isn't it lovely when things come beautifully wrapped. Just brings that extra bit of joy. Happy Mother's Day to you - you clearly bring so much joy and beauty into your children's lives!

  2. Think I was just as excited by the way it was packed as the embroidery itself, it comes with a lovely instruction sheet for all the different stitches, so would be great for a beginner or a more accomplished embroiderer, they do a lovely range of different animals too. Thank you for your very kind words and happy Mother's Day to you too, hope you had a lovely day.

  3. Oh wow what a beautiful kit - it looks as much fun to make as it will be for the recipient :)

    1. Nearly finished it and you are right it has been great fun to make, beginning to wonder if I should get a couple to make for the girl's room.