Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Little Fir Tree

The first two days of our advent activities are based around the lovely story The Little Fir Tree. It is a lovely story taking us through the different seasons, seeing the tree grow etc. A story we have already read more than once and probably read again and again.

The girls enjoyed creating these pictures, it took more than one step and then creating a collage from all the pieces. First they painted some paper in a mixture of greens for the grass, then a piece in brown for the trunk, when dry, they cut out a trunk shape and ripped up the green paper and then stuck it together. Then they used small sponges to sponge paint the tree and add snow if they wanted too.

Day two activity was origami fir tree my 4 year managed these with help, so a craft for the older children but they have enjoyed using them in their games and I think they look great on our seasonal display.

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