Thursday, 1 December 2016

St Andrew's Day

Yesterday was St Andrew's day and I got together with a good friend of mine for days activities exploring the story of St Andrew and Scotland. We read The Story of St Andrew and they then drew and coloured in their own Scottish flag.

We listened to some bagpipes being played and watched some Scottish Dancing. We found Scotland in our Maps book, looking at the mountains, rivers and the other wonderful pictures. This is a nice power point presentation on Scotland if you want some more info. We did some paper weaving, did think of doing it with wool but as we had a wide age range thought paper would be better, luckily the older ones hadn't wove with paper, so it was something different for them as well.

We looked at the Scottish emblem, the thistle and brought up lots of images on the computer and asked if they would like to try and paint some, which they did except L who wanted to use felt tip pens.

We later on read Katie in Scotland and talked about the Loch Ness Monster,

they used play dough to create their own Nessie.

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