Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Spider Webs and Making The Most of Autumn

Following on from weaving spiders webs, watching some clips on how spiders spin their webs and a nature hunt for spiders webs, I thought I would make some templates for stain glass windows. I spent last night drawing and then cutting out black card, rather relieved I only had 3 to make.

The children explored the different coloured paper, deciding on colours and shapes they wanted to use, love the finish result, at the rate we're going I am going to need more windows to display the transparencies, window stars etc that we are making.

Enjoying the most of Autumn, we are lucky to live near a variety of woods and very near us is lovely oak tree and every year the children thoroughly enjoy playing in the leaves, scooping them up into piles and jumping in them, throwing the leaves in the air and seeing what happens, making patterns, as well as collecting some to take home, hours of fun are had under this one tree.

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