Monday, 31 October 2016


Last week we looked at the Hindu festival of Diwali and watched the Tweenies episode in which they tell the story and then watched some you tube clips on getting ready for Diwali and firework display. We used paper plates to make lamps this year.

They decorated some paper plates after looking at some pictures of all the decorated elephants online.

Then out into the garden to make some rangoli patterns using chalks,

and one very pleased 3 year old who has learnt to draw triangles.

Out came our Maps book and spent some time looking at all the illustrations in India, finding the mountains and rivers too. Very interested in the peacocks, as earlier in the year we had had a day out and had seen some peacocks.

They had great fun trying to recreate peacock feathers using out chalk pastels.

L made a peacock.

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