Tuesday, 8 November 2016


I would say all my children love the fireworks but there are a couple who love the patterns in the sky but hate the noise but what they all do love is creating firework pictures. We spent a fair bit of one day making firework pictures and talking about them, the glitter season has started and we will be finding glitter probably until the middle if not the end of January. We have experimented with glue and salt for one of firework pictures, they were fascinated with how the paint moved through the salt pictures.

Our first pictures were glue and lot and lots of glitter.

 For the second lot I wanted to try something different that I had seen, involving glue, salt and water colours, have been told it works as well with food colouring but have yet to try it.

So step one is use glue to create you firework scene.

Sprinkle wet glue with salt and then shake of spare salt.

Then dab the salt/glue mixture with the water colour paint and watch the paint spread out.

The finished work.

I asked if they wanted to have a go painting with the remaining water colour paint, which they did, one loved just seeing the paint merge together and then mixing it to make lots of different shades of brown.

Bonfire pictures.

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