Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Frosty Walk

We had some lovely but very cold mornings here and L has thoroughly enjoyed exploring all the frosty leaves and ice that we have found. She loves walking through the frosty grass, hearing it crunch under her feet and then looking to see the trail she had left behind. Then looking at all the leaves on the ground with lots of frost on them, she picked up one that she liked and said she was going to take it to toddlers. After a little while, I asked her what had happened to the leaf under her thumb, when she lifted it, she realised the ice had melted because her thumb was warm, she found some other leaves and tried to draw patterns on them, using the warmth of her fingers to melt the ice. Then spent time looking at the different patterns that frost made on the benches and fences etc that we walked past.

Home and time to warm and do some painting, I have been saving some cardboard for various activities, the children are really into playing with the animals and fairies and I suggested they painted a play scene for them. This went down really well and they set about painting, lots of chatter about what they wanted and they co-operated really well over what they needed and where.

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