Saturday, 23 January 2016

China and Chinese New Year

Some of my children are getting really interested in different countries, spending time looking at the map and/or globe to see where they have been on holiday or places mentioned in stories etc. They have always enjoyed looking at the dragon dances for Chinese new year, so this year thought we would look a bit at China as well as the Chinese new year celebrations. So these are some of the ideas I have had and I will see where it takes us.

I have found a couple of dragon and lion dances on you tube that I think they might enjoy Dragon Dance and Lion Dance.

This is the Dragon Race Song I found here to go with The Great Race

While hunting for some clips for the younger children to watch came across this 10 lessons of Confuscius thought it would be something great to sit and watch with M and discuss. Also maybe something on the Great Wall of China.

Chinese New Year Song | Free Early Years & Primary Teaching Resources (EYFS & KS1):

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