Tuesday, 26 January 2016

January Activities

Over the Christmas holidays I sorted out the craft cupboard and found a pack of coloured paper and few other bits that I had forgotten I had. I thought the little ones would love it, especially as they are into cutting and sticking, I was right. They have got very good at using the scissors and love to try and cut out different shapes from a plain piece of paper.

They spent ages making pictures of their houses.

We've made the most of the sunny days and enjoyed time in the garden, mainly playing the sandpit and using chalks to draw pictures on the walls. We have also enjoyed some lovely sunny walks, they love looking at their shadows, how they change in size and move depending on where they are standing. They loved the fact that at one point their shadows looked as if they were walking along the wall. The frost and ice has fascinated them and they have taken time to collect some frost and then watch it melt on their hands, seeing how slippery the ice was.

The rubbing plates have been a big hit too, they have produced loads of different pictures.

L had a new board game for Christmas, we have the travel version that the older children enjoyed but the larger version is lovely and we have played it lots with the younger children. Though L would prefer to complete the picture of the crow and was getting upset to start with when she wasn't getting the crow picture on the dice but once I said she could finish the puzzle when we finished the game she was happy.

Lots more painting.

These are just some of the things that we have done as well as enjoying lots of singing, reading, cooking and playing with friends

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