Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Paper Angels, Play Dough Trees and Other Crafts

The children enjoyed making angels out of paper plates.

We used a small plate to make the body and large plate to cut out wings and the head from, we managed to get two wings out of one large plate.

 Decorating a play dough Christmas tree with beads was a big hit, they were engrossed in the activity for nearly an hour. They have asked for them several times over the run up to Christmas. Have discovered another use for our fir tree stacker, perfect to draw round to create the tree shape, as well as the usual play.

We made some Rudolf gingerbread biscuits, the idea is that you use a gingerbread man cutter, turn him upside down and decorate, this is the image I had seen that really made me want to try this, my little ones had a slightly different idea.

 I was really pleased to discover that Belle and Boo make a love decoupage set to make some lovely Christmas cards with, so as both my girls love the character, I decided to buy a set and have a go, this is first for this type of craft for me and really enjoyed myself.

Had a lovely time with M, her friend and L making some rolled beeswax candles.

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and see you all in the new year.

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