Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Hedgehogs and Leaves

Our crafts this week have been based around hedgehogs and leaves but our first activity of the week is rhyme time. On the walk there, my little ones where in a very inquisitive mood and we had loads of questions, here are just a few of them.
  1. Why is my shadow big?
  2. Where's my shadows head gone?
  3. Why are there 2 buses at the bus stop?
  4. Why is that person waiting at the bus stop?
  5. What's that? pointing at scaffolding?
  6. Why do they have it (scaffolding) there?
  7. Why do they have panels on the roof?
  8. What do solar panels do?
  9. What is electricity for?
  10. Why is there only one dandelion?
  11. Why is the dandelion not all there?
  12. Do only girls have eyelashes?
  13. Why do Mummy's have different names?
  14. Where's that digger going?
  15. Why's that mummy got a dog with her?
I think I managed to answer them all in ways they understood! They were very quiet during rhyme time but as soon as they left the library they started singing lots of songs. At home we made some hedgehogs, we sat and cut up the paper straws together, then got on with some gluing.

While waiting for the glue to dry, we watched a couple of you tube clips of  two hedgehogs and this of one hedgehogs and read Percy the Park Keeper and the Hedgehogs Balloon, when they were dry we painted them.

The request at the end of the day was can we make more hedgehogs, so the next day we made some out of paper plates. When they were dry, the children used scissors to cut the edge of the plate to make the hedgehog spines.

Today we painted some resist leaves, using masking tape to mark out the leaf veins. 

Then the children painted over them.

One of my little ones wanted to make a house with the masking tape, so with some help we stuck the tape down in a house shape and they enjoyed painting over the tape

When they were nearly dry I peeled of the masking tape and cut them into leaf shapes. When they were fully dry, they decided to dance around the living room with them, pretending they were tree.

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