Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Marbling Leaves

This has got to be our favourite Autumn craft, the fun of creating the pattern leaves, the giggles as they get to play with the shaving foam and paint after we have finished the leaves and the lovely finished product to put on our wall.

I covered a tub with shaving foam, smoothing it down with a spatula.

Then carefully poured paint over the foam.

Then taking a stick, carefully draw lines through the foam/paint mix so you get a marbled effect.

Gently press you leaf shape in the paint mix and remove carefully.

Then with a piece of stiff paper, carefully scrape of the excess paint/foam, you want to gently drag it along the paper not pressing down hard.

Finished result.

They then had fun with the remaining paint/foam mix, squishing it through their fingers, pretending to wash their hands and drawing patterns in the tray, as the foam disappeared they kept asking for more foam, ended up using a whole tin of shaving foam and very happy children.

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