Saturday, 1 November 2014


We spent some of last week looking at the Diwali celebration, we were very lucky and a friend of my husband sent the children photos from their own celebrations with captions about each picture. It was a really lovely gesture and one we all learnt lots from. I haven't shared the photos here as they were just for own personal use. I found these two video clipsfor us to watch, this is about the Diwali Story and this is about a family celebrating Diwali

We looked at lots of different pictures of Rangoli designs on the internet as well as the ones in the books we read. The children then tried to draw some of their own, I had planned for this to outside on the patio but rain made this not possible, so we used sugar paper instead.

 I also printed of some designs from Activity Village for the children to colour as well if they wanted too.

They enjoyed painting some firework pictures after watching this clip of a firework display.

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