Friday, 21 November 2014

Autumn Part 3

I love to make stain glass pictures for my windows, using tissue paper or kite paper, I have this lovely book that I use, it is in German but find the pictures are enough to follow without understanding all the written words.

I then cut out some leaf shapes for the children to then cover with tissue paper.

After the success and fun we had with sticky back plastic earlier in the year, I decided to create an autumn tree on my patio door. I cut out a bare tree outline and stuck it to the door, then stuck some sticky back plastic over the top. Then let the children loose with all the autumn bits I had collected and it stayed up for a few weeks, with the littleones taking pieces of and moving them around and adding other random pieces! I must admit it was lovely to draw back the curtains on a sunny autumn morning and to see this with the sun lighting it up.


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