Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Autumn Part 2

I put together a box of autumn resources that I had, a mixture of pictures, toy animals, leaves, acorns, conkers etc. The children enjoyed matching the items to the pictures and talking about what they could see, the different textures, colours etc.

Had the joy of harvesting our pumpkins, couldn't of planned it better, 3 different size ones, so we could compare size and weight!

I cut open one of the pumpkins for the children to see what was inside.

I scooped out the seeds for the children to see and play with, rather sticky mess but fun to do. I talked about how we could grow a new plant from these seeds.I had some pictures of the pumpkin growing from a seed to adulthood, to remind the children of what they had seen as our plants had grown throughout the year. We roasted some of the pumpkin for tea.

Decided to attempt conker painting, a seasonal variation on marble painting, interesting results depending on the shape of the conker, need to find the roundest ones, flat sides aren't so good!

We made some leaf pictures with the leaves we had collected on our walks.

I made a very simple board game, that went down well with my after school children

and matching pairs too, good discussion starters too.

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