Saturday, 4 October 2014


I love autumn for all it's beautiful colours, the fun of woodland walks, as the children discover the delights of the changing season, bringing home leaves, acorns, conkers etc.

Our autumn sensory tub

These are just a few of our favourite autumn books, I love sharing  Gerda Muller's season board books with the children. They are beautifully illustrated and always stimulate lots of talk about what they can see and what they themselves have done.

We also had great fun marbling leaves using shaving  foam and paint, this is the second year we have done this craft and we loved the results.

We covered a tray in shaving foam, spreading it out smoothly.

We then chose some autumn coloured paint and dribbled it over the sahving foam.

We then dragged a stick gently through the foam until we got the desired effect.

Then gently press the cardboard leaf shapes down into the foam.

Then very gently we scraped the extra foam / paint of with a piece of paper.

We made some clay hedgehogs, well most of us made hedgehogs, one little person wanted to make a spider.

We also made some animal ginger bread biscuits and decorated them

We also used corks to print autumn leaves on our trees.

Even my older babies / young toddlers, ages approximately 9 months to 18 months, are able to join in and enjoy playing with the shaving foam, They are able to pick up the cork and with a little help to start with, able to do some printing.

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