Sunday, 18 February 2018

Rainbows and Snowdrops

We have had a lovely week, very mixed weather wise, but fun. I am sure we have alternated between bright, sunny days and overcast, rainy days, might be wrong but that'show it feels. We've managed a walk everyday, which is great, went out for a puddle walk but had disappointed children as there were no good size puddle to jump in. They did find some nice sticks and I mentioned that some of the small puddles might be fairy puddles, cue, no longer disappointed children, imagination came into play and lots of fun had deciding on what the fairies might be called and when they might come out to splash in the puddles. Came home to a beautiful rainbow, realised after getting the photo, we also caught a good reflection of the sitting room light!

On Tuesday we had a lovely walk to the library, we now have a book on Egyptian myths to read, then round to the park and spotted all the snow drops coming up. A local community group over the last couple of years have done a mass planting of snowdrops, daffodils and crocus, they are lovely to see all coming up and makes the area so pretty.

More local news and doing a happy dance, though we try and keep our waste to the minimum recycling is great and from this week onward, we can now recycle yogurt pots, fruit punnets, meat trays and tetra packs, in our kerbside collection, yay!

Last weekend M had her drama exam, she was very nervous about it and relieved when it was all over and done with, said she mucked up one bit but managed to keep going. Fast forward to this weeks lesson, as we were driving over to it, she was saying she was so glad she had done it, even if she didn't get a good mark, she felt really great going in and doing her pieces. Put a big smile on my face, the drama is all about having fun and building her confidence, she's now talking about the next lot of LAMDA exams, wow!

L has spent a little of her Christmas gift money and bought a little lego set, loved the fact she spotted the set, worked out that the label meant it was reduced and what the price is, didn't feel I could say no to her. I have always encouraged the children to look at the prices, how much things cost and when they are older, what works out cheaper, for budgeting purposes and why we buy certain products etc

Apparently on Wednesday it was Storm the husky puppy's birthday, out came the play dough to make birthday cake, candle was a small crayon. Don't ask how many times happy birthday was sung because the puppy kept blowing out the candle too soon, lots of giggles had!

L had been asking what we had used before pens and pencils and I mentioned feather, she found one and wanted to give it a try, she decided she wanted to use it with paint, so didn't get a chance to cut it and use ink but she loved it.

Bread roll making ready for lunch.

L finished her animal sticker book and I had saved the sheets of partially used stickers and being half term had my older minded children for the day and they happily used them and drew scenes to go with them.

Lots of painting

Knitting, back, front and 1 1/2 sleeves made, there is no pressure from L at all, honest. I have been looking at journals, note booking, saw some lovely books but it was done as 3 year diary and a question a day, which isn't me. Then came across the Handbook For Mums from the Thinking Tree, L has a work book journal and enjoys dipping in and out of it, love it, mixture of colouring, books to read, thoughts for the day, films you have read, to do lists, how do you feel etc, plenty of variety, so think I will enjoy it.

The "free gift" with Lets Knit magazine this month is the wool to make this rather cute owl, those that know L, will know her love of birds and in particular owls, so one for her.

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  1. Yay! You have plastic recycling now too! I like your Homeschooling handbook for moms! Looks like fun, especially the colouring in. When do we make time for that...? Enjoy it! Looks like you have had a busy, but fun week with lots of children round. I imagine they love it at your house. 🙂

    1. I'm trying to make time for some colouring, its so relaxing to do. I was so surprised to get the extra plastic recycling,made me very happy. I do enjoy the school holidays and the extra children around.

  2. snowdrops!! beautiful - no sign of them here yet, but then I wasn't looking down on my walk yesterday. I love the art work and the bright colors, makes the drab February days cheerful.

    1. The bright colours were perfect the overcast days we have been having, the snow drops are wonderful to see,the daffodils are just poking their heads up, though the weather has turned bitter again.

  3. Well done M on her LAMDA exam. I've just signed my middle one up for LAMDA lessons and I really hope she gets on with them so well.I didn't know that other areas weren't able to recycle plastics. I aim to put less out each week, but it's good to know they will take it. The owl looks fun. Lucky L!

    1. Fingers crossed your middle one enjoys their LAMDA classes they have been brilliant for M. We've been able to recyclable plastic bottles for a long time but not the plastic meat and fruit trays etc. The owl is rather fun to knit :)