Monday, 12 February 2018

Magnetic Sand

Having fun with the magnetic sand and geometric solids, sort of linked to ancient Egypt as there is a pyramid, maths and  constructing.

It wasn't long before my older children decided to join L, the magnetic sand is rather fun to play with, it holds it shape well and therefore is great to build with.

Enjoying a game of around the world, L loves maps, so this game is perfect, throw in various extra comments, like take a sled ride go on 3 spaces, to fuel her interest and need to learn more.

New recipe tried this week, sweet potato tangine, I loved it, rest of the family not so keen, will have to try it out on the minded children and see what they make of it but it reheats nicely and freezes well, so I am happy with that.

Finally managed to get a photo of our new visitor, this black cap has been darting in and out the garden so quickly its been hard to id him but perseverance paid of and Friday morning managed to get a non blurry, complete bird photo.

We have a pair of long tailed tits that visit regularly, again not managed a full photo but least you can just make out the two of them.

I came across an article on mistletoe and its benefits to the habitat it is in, that one study showed that if mistletoe is removed from a woodland  then 20% of species richness was lost and a 1/4 of the woodland birds were lost too.

Fun with magnets, there properties, what is magnetic and what is not and making a compass.

Making magnets float.

Homemade compass and had fun disrupting the compass by placing magnets near to the bowl.

Made a huge amount of progress on L's jumper, back and front knitted and started on a sleeve, honestly there is no pressure from L at all to get it finished quickly!!

We are slowly stripping the paper from the hallway and stairs, as an incentive to get it finished we have finally narrowed down the colour selection,  now just seeing what they are like in the different lights. Which this weekend we have overcast, rain, snow and sunshine, so doing well, the snow hasn't settled but this is the 3rd time this week that we have had some flakes of snow,much to the excitement and then disappointment of the children.

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  1. once you start playing with that sand you cannot stop. At least that is my reality. I love the blue yarn for the sweater!! Cheerful!

    1. Magnetic sand is wonderful, I wish I had it years ago but least by older children still get to enjoy it with L. Sweater colour was L's choice, she had a great time in the wool shop choosing :)

  2. That magnetic sand looks like great fun- have never heard of it. The game also looks good- is it a bit like snakes and ladders? I love veggie tagines too. Hard to please everyone all the time! Good luck with finding a suitable colour for your hall. The cardigan looks like it could match in well too. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. The sand we have is called motion sand, its great and it cleans up nicely too as it sticks together. The game isn't quite like snakes and ladders, just squares that you land on that sends you back or forwards depending on where you land. We've made a choice for the wall, going for blueberry white and discovered that M is great at removing all the flakey paint and enjoying it too :)