Saturday, 2 December 2017

Living Rainforest

Monday saw us visiting the Living Rainforest, the girls are already asking when are we going back again, its not a huge place but lots to see, its great seeing how much they remember from our rainforest project earlier in the year. We didn't manage to spot the sloth or the armadillo, actually we could see the soil being dug out by the armadillo but not the actual creature and we checked on them several times. We did get to see some amazing blue poison dart frogs

Goeldi monkeys


The stunning pink flowers of the jade vine.


Can't remember the name of this bird, we were sad to see they no longer have their toucans, used to love going and seeing them.

There were a few snakes but this one made us giggle, they all have a large display with foliage, tree trunks etc but this one had decided that the cables running around the top of its enclosure was the best place to rest.

Tuesday made the most of the dry sunny weather and spent the morning at the allotment, dug up the rest of the carrots and L happily scrapped of the excess dirt. Cleared another patch to be covered with some well rotted compost to over winter and let the worms do the hard work of digging it in. In the afternoon we met up with friends at the park, won't say just how long it took me to warm up once I got home.

The rest of the week we have been busy with school work and Christmas prep, way to much time looking on pinterest have lots of Christmas ideas for the little ones and us older girls to craft, need more than 24 days! Have sorted out all our Christmas stories and some films to watch too, I do so love this time of year.

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