Wednesday, 2 August 2017

First Christmas Present Made

First Christmas present completed, feeling very organised don't think it will last but will enjoy it while it does! My plan not to buy anymore wool till I had completed projects and used up some of my stash has gone well and truly out of the window. Have now 3 new lots of wool to make more presents with, rascal in marbles being one of them, the lady in our craft shop has knitted some beautiful items in this wool, couldn't resist, have started two already, will finish L's cardi soon! Anyway the finished silverleaf

Think we have had a quieter few days since birthday week, except the bit where I decided to sort out the cupboard on the landing aka the cupboard of doom, lovely deep cupboard that I can get lots in, so children's art supplies, towels, sheets for den building, some of my craft stuff etc etc, there are lots of etc in there. Anyway started to clean the walls and decided the old wall paper had to go, so ended up stripping wallpaper and painting, three shelves done so far, just the large bottom area to do this weekend, it is looking good and have had a major sort out,might share before and after photos when it is finished. L and I spent this morning at the allotment, trying to ignore the loads of weeds and just pick veg, came home with a lovely variety of veg. Stuffed marrow for dinner, mixture of cheese, onions, garlic, herbs and some slices of sausages, topped with a bit more cheese and breadcrumbs.

While browsing the internet for more marrow recipe ideas, L spotted these flat breads, so made them for lunch and then  batch of homemade crackers.

 A selection of colourful paintings from this week.

Busy building homes for the playmobil figures.


  1. Your Silverleaf is lovely, along with all of your allotment vegetables! I'm quite impressed that you've already finished a Christmas gift!

    1. I'm impressed with myself at the moment, second Christmas present is onthe needles!

  2. Your shawl is gorgeous! I think its recipient will be over the moon!