Monday, 6 February 2017

Gardening and Science

We enjoyed a dry morning in the garden, there was a light frost and the children discovered some ice. They collected up a small pile of ice and then enjoyed trying to stamp on it, laughing as the pieces escaped and sometimes crunched under foot, they are really enjoying exploring the different noises they can make within the natural environment. We planted some seeds, sweetpeas, I told the children I love these flowers and they smell lovely, when their parent collected them later they told them we had planted smelly seeds, did make me giggle. We've also planted some aubergine seeds, this is the first time we have tried to grow these, so will be interesting to see how they do, then lots of onion seeds. For our windowsill garden we've planted some more basil seeds and some salad leaves, was planning to do some spinach seeds but couldn't find them in our seed box, so will need to have a thorough sort through, there are rather a lot of packets in the box!

Little ones were fascinated with the idea of a mini greenhouse aka a part of a plastic bottle, the other part we have used to plant seeds in.

We decided to try another Mel Science kit, this time Seaweed garden, did produce rather effective looking seaweed.

After lunch they enjoyed some painting, followed by lots play with dolls and building lego houses.

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